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Just bored with my guitar

2008-08-13 11:17:51 by Alittle2short

Today is going to be boring as always.
Maybe I'll go hunt me some big game ,the moose. i'll take my dog snoop.
I'm from the res,its always dry here,No beer
I need to go to the beer vendor.The nearest vendor is about 200 to 350 km. dry,so thristy. Well anyways laterz.

Just bored with my guitar


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2009-08-21 00:26:12

Wow what a great shot. Love the dog...SNOOP is it. cool! Well you can always drink the tree sap. LOL.....go hear the mix alread and let me know what you think of EXPERIMENTAL CRAPNESS MEANS 09....people in NG are already voting...need your in put. EMUZIN


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